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Game News
Hi and welcome to Carnages Website!

We are a group of friendly and active members that play on Executus-Eu. We are a PvE guild and our mainly goal is progressing in Cataclysm. Our progress in ICC 10 man in wotlk was 12 / 12 normal and 6 / 12 HC. We downed Halion on normal mode too.

Our community in raids will be Skype!

Hope you enjoyed, and if there is anything you want to know, Whisper us in game!
(Müesli, Pwnapple, Pwntatoes)

!!!! Members in this guild can contains nuts! If you are allergic to nuts do NOT eat them!!!!!

-----CATA PROGRESS: 2 / 6 in Blackwing Descent ----
Guild News
Other Guild News

Name change.

Pinne25, Jan 11, 11 2:20 PM.
BeatYourMeatBeforeYouEat now changed name to Carnage.

The moment

Pinne25, Jan 6, 11 8:22 PM.
The moment of epicness was when we downed The defence system of Blackwing descent. My adrenaline was on top and i was shaking, GOOD JOB! /Müesli

Raid soon!

Pinne25, Dec 15, 10 7:18 AM.
We´re not far away from our first raid! Get good gears and read tactics! We start with Blackwing Descent and take down Nefarian before we go further to other raids!


Captain awesomest, Dec 3, 10 11:31 AM.
Cata soon! First raid  2 or 3 weeks after, don´t slack to much on leveling to 85 :< but don´t rush either ( Unless you want to) Also check out the gallery for some nice photos including a blood elf DK in santa clothes ass :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

LK Down!

Pinne25, Nov 1, 10 11:13 AM.
LICH KING IS DOWN ON SECOND TRY!!!! See Pictures in the gallery
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We are now recruiting a warlock or rogue and healers (Druid priests and palas) for our 10man roster.
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